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In 2019 Akymly Ugur started new direction by building a plant in an industrial zone of Ashgabat, which specializes in manufacture of shaker screens. This plant contains latest modern equipment from international manufacturers, which conforms to API 13 standards.

Annual production capacity of this plant is 24000 screens – this is the only source of locally produced products of this type, with high potential of creating millions of savings for potential buyers, avoiding transportation and import related charges, storage fees as well as enable partial purchases based on operational needs. Having knowledge and experience of mostly used shakers in oil and gas industry, Akymly Ugur may produce shakers of needed parameters (model, size, etc) based on customer request


  • High quality fiber glass to improve plastic quality and screen temperature resistant to 140 C degree.
  • Four side tension of mesh during the heat press to minimize the gap between the top screen and support screens, in a result extending the screen life.
  • Our competitors normally do not use any tension for heat press. AU use 3 layer wire mesh for API 60 and above for longer screen life, our competitor normally use 3 layer only for API 120 and above.
  • AU high performance wire mesh configuration is compliant to API RP 13C with normally longer screen life.


Composite screens consist generally of a glass fiber filled, polypropylene frame in addition to a high-strength steel internal reinforcing structure. Using a patented process, one to three layers of stainless steel wire cloth are bonded to the composite frame directly by melting the cloth directly to the top surface of the polymer frame.
This exclusive technology has been used successfully in the industry for both OEM and replacement screens and has established proven and respected prominence.

AU comprehensive line composite frame replacement screen for GN shakers, MI-Swaco Mongoose, MISwacoMD-3/MD-2, Nov Brandt Cobra, Venom, VSM-300, FSI screen, Derrick 2000

And we can customize the Injection mold for your screen dimension. The composite frame screen is repairable to save cost. Compared to metal frame, the composite frame useable area is 10% to 20 % larger. Since the composite frame is covered by plastic, it is rust resistant for long time storage up to over 5 years.

Interchangeable meshes for MI-SWACO
AU can produce model mesh for vibrosite and SGU manufactured by MI-Swaco, including: MONGOOSE PRO, MONGOOSE PT & MEERKAT, ALS, BEM, MD-2/MD-3. AU can provide grids with a composite frame, with a favorable price, ease of use and long shelf life.
Replaceable grids for NOV BRANDT
Akymly Ugur CAN produce replacement grids for vibrosite and SGU manufactured by NOV Brandt, including: Cobra, King Cobra, Mini Cobra, Venom, LCM-2D, LCM-3D, VSM 300, D380/D285P. AU can produce grids on a steel frame or on a composite frame.
Replaceable grids for DERRICK
Akymly Ugur CAN produce replacement nets for vibro-shield and SGU manufactured by Derrick, including: FLC 2000, FLC 500, DP 600 and Hyperpool. AU can provide pyramid or stretch meshes. In order to improve efficiency and service life, AU can provide composite meshes.
Other grids
Akymly Ugur CAN produce replacement grids for other types of vibrating screens, including: Fluid Systems 29x42, Kemtron/Elgin KPT or Chinese vibrating screens. And also provide OEM service, produce grids at the customer's request.