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HSE Policy

In order to achieve business success in everything that we do, we need to continuously strive to improve our performance with regards to Health, Safety, Environmental and Sustainable Development. To reach this goal, Akymly-Ugur LLP will maintain the highest possible standards and will not compromise in the areas of Health, Safety and Environmental stewardship.

Through our efforts, we aim to have an HSE performance that we can be proud of, so that we can earn the confidence and trust of our workforce, stakeholders, and society at large. The wellbeing of the communities in which we work is of upmost importance to us, and as such we will constantly strive to be good, beneficial partners with all of them.

We believe that all injuries are preventable and that every employee should be able to return to their family safe and sound. Good health and safety performance is a critical part and focus of Akymly-Ugur LLP activities. To that end, we are currently developing an integrated HSE Management system which will be used in all “Akymly-Ugur” LLP activities. We understand that there is no room for complacency, and therefore commitment to continual improvement is essential for ensuring the health and safety of our workforce.

Relevant procedures have been developed and implemented in order to reduce and mitigate any possible risks in Akymly-Ugur LLP activities. With regards to emergency situations, we have developed an Emergency Response Procedure that can be implemented quickly and effectively.

Tolegen Yamagulov

General Director “Akymly-Ugur” LLP

Company HSE Commitments

Akymly-Ugur LLP intends to fulfill its commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment by setting and reviewing the following objectives:

  • Issues of Health, Safety, and the Environment are a priority in all of our business activities and we will be proactive in preventing injuries and occupational illnesses;
  • We will manage the operations of our company and our contractors in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees, and ensures the protection of the environment;
  • We will play a leading role in promoting our “best practices” in all Akymly-Ugur LLP activities;
  • We will proactively identify any potential work hazards to our employees and control the attendant risk adequately;
  • We will minimize the environmental footprint caused by our activities;
  • We will ensure that the main principals of our current policy are followed and we will provide our employees with appropriate and adequate training so that they may perform their duties in accordance to these principals.